Ep #22 Introduction to Performance Vision Therapy
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Dr. Jeff Kegarise introduces Performance Vision Therapy. Dr. Kegarise introduces Holli Weaver who works with Performance Vision Therapy at Cool Springs Eye Care and Donelson Eye Care. Performance Vision Therapy is essentially physical therapy for the eyes. There are three main areas where a patient would need vision therapy. Those are, lazy eye issues, muscle or functional issues in the eye, commonly associated with reading, and the eye brain relationship, which has to do with visual processing.

Ep #53 Dr. Kelly – Management of Traumatic Brain Injuries
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Ep #54 – Dr. Jeff talks with Dr. Gary Gerber about the Myopia Epidemic
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Studies show that genetics and the environment play a role in the population becoming more “myopic”. In the next 30 years, 50% of the total population will be myopic.

Your eyeball continues to grow as you age. When the eye is growing faster than it should, we can’t correct it….we can compensate for it. One of the symptoms of being myopic is having distance vision or being nearsighted.

While our devices have been in our hands over the last 13 years or so, this epidemic has been growing for 30+ years. The larger the eye gets, the higher likelihood of rise for eye disease; like cataracts and glaucoma. It’s very important that you have an annual eye health and wellness exam (https://www.coolspringseyecare.com/) one time every single year.We can see so much more today, just by looking into your eyes.

HostDr. Jeff Kegarise (https://www.linkedin.com/in/jeff-kegarise-1b3b235/)President of Cool Springs Eye Care & Donelson Eye Care GuestDr. Gary GerberTreehouse Eyes – Myopia Care For Children (https://treehouseeyes.com/)

Ep #55 – Myopia Control, Truth about Nearsighted Vision with Dr. Aimee Jacobs
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